Welcome to the Palais des Sables, an invitation to share the magic of the Moroccan Riad and to enjoy the calm, relaxation and pleasure of a place of undeniable charm, which will contribute to make your stay in Taroudant unforgettable

Sunny in winter, Taroudant is one of the hottest cities in Morocco with very little wind. In summer, the cold current of the Canary Islands protects it from the Saharan heat.

Average max. temp.
Jan. : 22° Feb. : 23° March : 26° April : 27° May : 30° June : 32° July. : 37° Aug. : 38° Sept. : 35° Oct. : 32° Nov. : 25° Dec. : 22°


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Taroudant, the small Marrakech

3 hours from Paris, accessible by low-cost flights and 70 km from Agadir, Taroudant combines the charm of a historic city with its proximity to the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, accessible in one hour's drive. This city is, for that reason, a true representation of Moroccan magic. In the heart of the Souss Valley, Taroudant is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. Surrounded to the north by the mountains of the High Atlas and to the south by those of the Anti-Atlas, Taroudant offers magnificent landscapes suitable for hiking and other trekking, on foot, on horseback or in 4×4.

The Palais des Sables is a military bastion renovated in the tradition of the Souss Massa region, and the rooms have been specially designed to immerse the traveller, upon arrival, in the traditions of an authentic Morocco.

  • Well-being and discovery stays in Taroudant and its region: a whole range of daily treatments provided by our beauticians at home in our traditional hammam with wood fire: massages, scrubs, depilation, manicure, pedicure, rolling, palpating, etc.
  • Hiking, trekking, or even 4×4, customised excursions are available to Palais des Sables customers for a duration ranging from half a day to three days in the mountains.
  • New mom stay, a professional paediatric nurse, a savory diet dedicated to lactation, and the treatments given by our masseuse that will make you lose the maternity weight.
  • Discovery of moroccan cuisine under the supervision of our traditional cook. All the oriental tastes on your table.

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Also numerous other activities to discover on sight.

Traditional night with singers ans musicians to your disposal. Picnic in the mountains. Day at the sea and so much more…

Traditional hammam

The Hammam is a place where men and women come to wash themselves but also to talk, relax and take their time. The hammam, which means "hot water" in Arabic, is a wet steam bath where you wash yourself with black soap and a horsehair glove to remove dead skin. The Palais des Sables has its own traditional wooden fire Hammam, which must be started the day before to heat it.

You can call on our cook to prepare a traditional dish simmered in the hammam's own oven, in a Berber terracotta pot. A Berber masseuse is also available on request to perform exfoliation and massage rituals.

You can also go to the public Hammam in the neighbourhood at the end of the street where women and men are separated. This experience is unforgettable, a real journey.

The big Sunday souk

The Grand Marché takes place every Sunday morning at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

You can go there by bike by the ramparts path on the right, once at the Bab El Kemis gate you will have to cross the bridge and then let yourself be carried away by the flow of traders.

It will take you about 20 minutes.

All vegetable fruit producers and livestock breeders are present and offer their goods, a unique experience...

Be careful not to bring anything of value because small mountain goblins easily manage to steal cameras, wallets and other trinkets in a hustle and bustle that does not facilitate your task.


Henna is a thorny shrub whose leaves, when dried and sprayed, produce a powder that is used to dye hair or decorate hands and feet.

It is used especially at important moments in life such as births, weddings or holidays.

Count 70 Dh for the henna ritual at home.

Argan oil

Argan oil comes from the fruits of the Argan tree, a tree that is found in large quantities between Agadir, Essaouira and Taroudant. This high quality oil is used for cooking and cosmetics.

Moroccan goats particularly appreciate the fruits of the argan tree, and it is therefore frequent to see them climb on the branches to taste them. The extraction process is very long but it allows to obtain a rare and incredibly nourishing oil.

You will find this precious oil in our kitchen and in the treatments of our beautician masseuse.


A parachute centre is open from December to March at Taroudant aerodrome and offers first flight, initiation, freefall, level crossing, etc. This experience offers a magnificent view from over 4,000 metres high inside a 14-seat Pilatus aircraft.

The instructors are of high quality, leaving French training centres and you can reach the aerodrome in only 30 minutes by bike.

Possible catering on site.

Contact : Rachid Moumy
00212 668 964 240 - 0033 614 121 588

Tennis club de Taroudant

This century-old club of 6 clay tennis courts surrounded by a wall is a true haven of peace.

The teacher is excellent and the progress is visible and fast. You will find an internet café on site that offers a simple but delicious meal.

Count 20 minutes by bike to join the club.

All the equipment is available for rent, all you have to do is help yourself!

Home hairdresser

Color: 300 Dh

Shampoing brushing : 100 Dh

Haircut: 70dh